Friday, February 18, 2011

Our God is BIG

This has been a tough week of client cancellations. I share that because I was hoping this week to put away money in order to pay my station rent while I am gone. This morning I knew the exact amount lost, and wasn't stressing about it but for sure let God know "help." As my FIRST client left she said, "I would like to give you money to help with bills while your gone." She had no idea of my real need and gave me the EXACT amount I had calculated that morning. That was my first tears of the day! Our God is BIG

Several Months ago I asked a rep if she would be willing to donate shampoo and conditioner samples for our team to take to Burkina. TODAY SHE CAME THROUGH! She dropped off a 40lb box of samples. Let me say that again she dropped off a 40lb box of samples! Salon Centric is a huge company and does often make donations for salon events, so I was expecting about a 5lb box. I have said if you like to make God laugh make a plan....I think he giggled at that 5lb box I was expecting, and you know I cried at the 40lb box he gave. God is BIG

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