Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our trip

A common question in regards to our upcoming trip has been "What exactly are you going to be DOING in Africa?!" So I thought I would post our TENTATIVE schedule while in country so you can pray specifically...

Day 1-2) leave home approx. noonish, board plane @PDX to Seattle, fly from Seattle to NYC and then the REALLY long leg of the journey: NYC to Morocco. From Morocco we fly to the capitol of Burkina-Faso: Ouagadougou. We are set to arrive there at about 3am the next day and stay there and TRY to sleep until about lunchtime, their time. From there we will drive to Bobo-Dioulassu, our home base for much of our time in country. We will be staying at a Bible school with a full-time missionary & all of the students & their families.

Day 3) meet w/28 of the local pastor's wives. These are pastors native to Burkina-Faso, not missionaries per se. Then we will have lunch (our intro to African food!) with the missionary team from "Bobo" and then they will take us into town to mainly observe/sight-see & visit the market.

Day 4) Travel to Kenedougou, meet & worship with the missionaries there. Looks like they will play a film about Jesus with the intent of outreach/evangelism. We will stay the night in that village this night.

Day 5) back "home" to Bobo (Maranatha Bible Institute), lunch with the host missionaries and then crochet lessons & haircuts by Janna from our team.

Day 6) Language class, looks like we'll be teaching some English and we might learn some Jula! We will also be shadowing some women this day. In the afternoon we will teach a health class and then tour the "Koro" village.

Day 7) more language classes, both with the Bible students' wives and children. This day we will picnic for lunch. Then we will go some where called the Cascades (?) and then back to home-base for supper & a prayer meeting.

Day 8) This day we will visit a Compassion International church there and later spend time with some local children w/an organized "kid's club". We will also be guests of another family for dinner this night.

Day 9) More time with the MBI women & children, there are 35 women and 28 kids. We plan to teach them some simple crafts here that they can master & teach more women in need of this trade for their livelihood even after we leave. This night we will have supper at the "Rocks" a place they picnic with all of their guests that is at a canyon and we will do some easy hiking (yay!) followed by a bonfire.

Day 10) time w/the "Bobo" district widows, many of these women have fallen into prostitution as a means of survival, workshops with them in the afternoon.

Day 11) visit the churches in Bobo with the local women, time with women's leadership

Day 12) travel to Poundou where we will spend time with 75 women & 100 children, we intend to teach some children's Sunday School lessons this day. Dinner & overnight in Poundou.

Day 13) more teaching in Poundou and then travel back to Bobo in the afternoon

Day 14) time with the Bible school children & visit the Sarafalo orphanage. Afternoon crocheting with the missionary kids & sign language class from Cheryl on our team.

Day 15) day trip to Koutiala and return that evening to Bobo. (Koutiala is in Mali, the neighboring country to the North/NW)

Day 16) travel to "Ouaga", time there visiting existing ministries, over night there.

Day 17) visit the Dorcas House in the morning, a home for women trying to escape prostitution & other Ouaga ministries in the afternoon.

Day 18-19) depart for home at 1am. Same flight schedule on return journey except bypass Seattle.

Day 20) home


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