Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Journey of the green coat

We were encouraged to bring warm, discardable clothes with us to NY at the beginning of our trip due to the length of our layover. So, naturally I grabbed the most hated piece of clothing in my closet, a size small green in color American eagle coat, with faux fur lining . Loathed, not for color or style, but because I have had it for years and many times have tried to give it to goodwill and somehow it works it's way out and back into my closet. I truly laughed as I grabbed it out of my closet thinking this time I will get rid of you once and for all.

The joke was on me because when we arrived at the airport in NY, with all the distraction of gathering and moving luggage, one piece reeked of cat spray, I forgot the coat in the airport for our short chilly outing. I mean really it was saint Patrick's day in New York and I forgot the one green thing I brought in the airport. When we returned I cursed at the coat and as I went to throw it out my friend Debbie said, "I think I will carry it to morocco to use as a pillow on the plane." fine with me as long as I don't have to be responsible for it any more. Be gone with you green coat!

As we exited the plane in morocco we were made very clear to not be a spectacle and follow exact direction. "do not deviate from the plan or the route." we quickly boarded a shuttle off the plane and waited further instruction, all of which is either in French or Arabic. A flight attendant boarded our shuttle and was questioning everyone about who knows what, and us white women sat quietly trying not to draw attention to ourselves beyond the obvious spectacle we already were. The more time that went on the louder the women got until finally she waved franticly back at the plane as the captain walked towards our shuttle. To my horror he was carrying the STUPID green coat! I quickly questioned Debbie and she said "I knew we didn't need it and figured someone would take it later." she was right, on air Moroc flights that is a normal assumption, but not today! Everyone kept saying "your coat Janna, it's your coat." Oh, someone hide me!!! To be anywhere but there! So, again the coat mocked me. The next flight we were on, Debbie decided that she wouldn't run the risk of leaving it on the plane and having the same reaction. Why not take and give it to the missionaries in burkina heat,middle of the summer,110 degrees daily with little to no real winters.Makes sense to us. I secretly wished they were going to cut it into a million pieces and use it as kindling.

When we arrived at the missionaries house we had a wonderful lunch that included amazing stories and even more amazing people. As we were getting ready to leave Deb remembered the coat was in the van. We quickly retrieved it and I stood next to her as she sweetly gave them the garment with a smile and a "hope you can use this." I threw in some sort of snarky comment, sarcasm being my second language, "oh, the coat that keeps on giving." to our surprise Amy started crying and thanking us. Well that coat about brought me to tears once, but only out of complete distain. She followed with a story along the lines of, " my daughter is headed on a trip were she will need a warm coat and all week I have struggled with Lord, I know you have this team coming and lots of plans that include me, but my daughter needs a coat." she explained how she had felt so torn about her time with us and the responsibility of finding her daughter a warm coat in the middle of west Africa. She cried praises to God for providing a coat for her daughter and peace for her day. We shared the story of the coats journey and thanked God for using what was such an irritation in my life to provide comfort in others.

God is not unaware of our lives and he cares about the details!

Our friend Amy on the left....much love for you sister!
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