Friday, April 1, 2011

Toads wild ride!

a picture of a thousand words:

this was a taxi we caught after spending a few hours at the market here in bobo. first notice the lack of door handles, lights, and window handle. you almost felt trapped in this tin can. the best way to describe it is imagine driving 65 mph through the state fair. one of the things that makes me laugh the most in this picture is the man driving past us in another taxi staring at the "tu baboo" (white women.) this is such an accurate portrayal of the spectical we are here, a circus on wheels. on our ride home we ran at least one red light, as to which our driver said in broken french "I'm responsible, no problem." when we finally arrived at the guest house he reached through the window and pulled the wire sticking out of our door to let us out. In the words of my dear friend Deborah, "it was hilarious."

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