Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is not my beautiful house....

When we returned from this memorable trip to Africa, I fell in love with my home country all over again and with a new appreciation for seat covers, clean water, OTC medicines, and paved roads. At the same time, I'm finding it difficult to go shopping as usual. I walked into a major retailer today in search of one item, a trash can. In the past, that one item multiplied by the time I reached the check-stands. Today, however, I roamed throughout the store and could not find anything that I needed. Seems like a healthy outcome, except that I'm swinging toward the opposite extreme; I am growing a subtle disgust toward my own American culture. Instead of adding to my "kingdom" I'm compelled to purge. One can only imagine my husbands perplexed reaction when I came home and said, "I love this car...let's sell it".

I think there's a term for this re-entry condition, and I hope to make sense of it all soon. It's quite confusing.

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