Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicks and Flowers

Chicks and Flowers

Maranatha Bible Institute. Lori did such a great job telling the parable of how much God cares for little birds and YOU! The rest of us filled in as pantomiming birds and chickens. The kids loved it : )
We followed that hour with sharing testimonies with the wives of the pastors in training. It is always encouraging and therapeutic to realize that you are not alone in your personal troubles or painful history.
What the enemy means for destroying, God claims for good. Hallelujah

Say What?

We have been stumbling over some VERY pathetic attempts at Jula for 5 days now! Today, we had our very first official Jula lesson!
Greetings here are about 6 sentences long! The English translation would be something like this:
Good morning
mmm hmmm
are you at peace?
I'm at peace.
How's your family?
Family is good
You HAVE to say this routine EVERY time you greet someone as you shake their hand--you CAN"T let go until you recite the entire greeting! - you can imagine why church starts late!

In Jula....
Anisogoma (or anclee, anesoo depending on time of day)
hera sera
somo odu

Now say that as fast as you can and you will start to imagine how confused we've been all week! We haven't been able to just say Hello!
Language lessons were so fun for us and our tutor- she was laughing out loud at our mispronunciation WAY too often : ) Good times!
I have to say, we are quite proud of being able to greet someone in Jula!

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