Sunday, March 27, 2011


Day 12
Out to the bush! Our group filled two Toyota land cruisers and let me tell you, these aren't the cutesy SUVs that we float down the highways in the US.
We utilized everything in that Landcruiser except the periscope exhaust during our two hour trek off the paved road!
Some highlights:
Severe washboard roads at 50+ mph, frequent bailing off the side of the road, down the 6 foot embankment to the 'smoother' frontage road , then back up on top when the frontage road ended. All this while one land cruiser pulled a long flatbed trailer and dodged the regular moto, bicycle, goat, or brahma ... I have two thoughts on that.. Faith in our driver and white knuckles!
There was plenty of both!

Brand new Christian churches, believers, church planting. Good stuff. Two years ago, this was a completely unreached group. Love the system of local pastors leading these churches while expat missionaries are available to support the pastors as needed. Cool

Visiting the church that Salem alliance youth spruced up two years ago. Still looks great and the kids are still singing favorite Canyonview songs and still talking about Jack Bauer...

Sharing digital camera technology with the village kids. They loved taking photos of their friends, especially with our sunglasses on : )

Village sharing squatty-potty with white women who scream and laugh as we splatter on our shoes, we are crazy tubabu(white lady)

Attending a 'greeting' (wake) for the family of the chief of the village that died last week.

Can no longer say, "I've never seen a fetish burning"...that was weird/amazing.
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