Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mah twiggy bah

It's hot, who knows how hot. 110+ every day, I'm pretty sure.
Went to vbs type thing for compassion international kids today. Sang the song where half the kids sing hallelu, hallelu, hallelu... and the other kids respond with 'praise ye the lord'. The kids stand when they sing their part. Do you know that song? Awesome, the kids loved it. We actually sang it in JULA believe it or not!
hallelujah is the same word, but praise ye the lord is "mah twiggy bah"
We also sing a song, 'God is Holy'. This is a repeat type song that has a two part round type of chorus.
Since Cheryl is fairly fluent in ASL, we also added the ASL signs to the first half. God is Holy, God is Mighty, God is Worthy, etc.... We've been able to communicate that we are using ASL and teach them the few signs. They are fascinated when Cheryl does a little sample monologue. today, one of the Burkina girls, about 12 years old, repeated the song after me IN ENGLISH with the ASL SIGNS!!! She was amazing!!! Her friends thought it was hilarious that she was speaking such ridiculous sounding words! So much fun : ) We get laughed at A LOT here :) lol. apparently, our jul a accent is a little off...

we did have JULA lessons today and yesterday. another lesson tomorrow. pretty fun. people here are ALL relational so knowing a few words really goes a long way. LOTS of people walking and will enjoy talking to you if you only say hello.

Fun talking in JULA. Only have met MAYBE 6 burkinabe that can speak any english at all.

a sera
(peace be with you, bye)
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