Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a girl thing....

A team of all women brings a certain uniqueness...which is most obvious with the chatty factor. For example, we went to "The Rocks", the mini Grand Canyon of Bobo, for a bonfire, hike, and dinner. A local missionary remarked that usually the hike down is pretty quiet but we are just chatting away all the way down. In our guest house we girls, some more than others, get a little wild.... Rockin out to Toto's "Africa" song, peeling down to next to nothing just to keep cool, making "your mama" jokes.... I'm sure the guard is selling tickets to watch the scene! It all began on the plane ride(s) out where everyone in the plane knew exactly where we were because of the giggling and talking.

Most fun, though, has been the morning class with the pastor's wives at Maranatha Bible School. The topic was what to do when your "not in the mood", from 1 Corinthians 7:3-5. We found ourselves suddenly on very common ground....women. No language or color differences with this topic. That is, until we started listing the reasons for "not tonight"....

"I pulled my hip out of socket while harvesting from the trees today"
"It's my first day home with the newborn baby"
"My arm is broken"
Or, when he comes to bed, "Please pray for me, I'm not feeling well"

While we all were laughing up a storm, there was a certain shock from the Americans about how extreeme these excuses were. Hmmmm....

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