Sunday, March 27, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs....

Last Sunday I attended church where I met a beautiful Deaf woman and an interpreter. We were amazed at how much we understood eachother! There are a few differences but we have a way to communicate! I am so excited to see how God had this planned from years ago...I never would have thought that learning American Sign Language would have prepared me for Africa - yay God!

Well, later in the week I ran into the interpreter and we had a chance to chat some more. Then, on Friday, five of us gathered to chat. That was funny because I totally had a faux-pas with the French greeting of kissing both cheeks...I kind of kissed on the lips, accidentally, during the switch! Oops! Anyway, tonight I met five more Deaf individuals!!! Also, our team has been exposing the hearing community to Deaf language via a song that we sing with ASL. The song is "You are Holy" (copy/paste link below), and we were able to sing it for the Deaf group that met tonight. They loved it!!!

There are many more, but alot of them are working and couldn't gather at the same time. The time flew by before we had to head off to our next usual.
My passion, now, is to pray for these who are isolated and outcast. They are educated and have so much to offer but nobody wants to give them the opportunity. Another benefit of America is that we have civil rights, ADA, and resources.

I hope to see them again, but, until then, I exchanged e-mail with one in hopes that we can connect via videophone or something like that.

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