Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word Pictures

Soon we will be leaving Burkina taking many memories with us. Here are some of the things I will remember -
People: beautiful smiling faces, brightly colored, boldly patterned outfits, greetings all around. Women carrying anything and everything on their heads ad babies on their backs. Amazing strength and stories of struggle from the women we met and got to know. A great love for the Lord - singing, praising, dancing, and praying. Children - so many children who love to get their pictures taken!

Sights and conditions: dust, dust and more red dust, everything is dry. Piles of trash, plastic bags everywhere (great free resource for crocheting with plastic bags.) Mango trees, round thatched huts, bumpy roads, boys with red tomato cans collecting for the Imam. Trucks piled high with things, animals and people. Hot, very hot. Sweat - taking sweat to a whole new level! Soothing air conditioning at night in the guest house. Power cuts, water cuts...squatty potties.

Animals: Donkeys, chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, lizards everywhere - often on the road in front of the car.

God at Work: Amazing things are happening in Burkina. Dedicated missionaries with a heart for God and a passion for the people of Burkina to know God. A national church that is growing and developing leaders. Still this is a land where many are lost following false gods - either Islam or animists. A strong sense of need to pray for the church here in Burkina, missionaries and most of all for the lost. May the church grow strong and remain faithful to our faithful God. May the missionaries persevere and have renewed energy for the task God has called them to. And may all the lost be set free from the darkness and bondage of sin and come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. To God be the glory in Burkina Faso!

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